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Relaxation techniques: Try These Exercises and Toys to Reduce Stress Level

Relaxation techniques: Try These Exercises and Toys to Reduce Stress Level

Life can be hard at time; there are many obstacles that we have to deal with on a daily base that can be stressful. These things can be dealing with a serve sickness that will not go away, going through a recent breakup with that special someone, having to commute long hour to work and having to fight that snail paste traffic, or being in a very bad financial situation.   No matter what the cause might be, stress is bad for our overall mental and physical heath; these stress can raise blood pressure level, muscle tension, difficulty breathing, and angry behavior toward friends and families, so it’s important for us to learn how to relieve stress through some relaxation techniques. 

Here are some simple relaxation techniques that help with relieving stress:

Science has proven that with proper breathing technique you can effectively lower stress level.  Belly Breathing is a common breathing exercise that is simple to execute and quite effective for relieving stress. 

You can do this exercise at home or in the office.  Here are the steps:

  1. Sit down or lay down flat on a yoga mat, and make yourself comfortable
  2. Now, place one hand on your stomach below the ribcage, and place the second hand over your chest.
  3. Take in a Big Deep Breath through your nostrils, letting your first hand be pushed out by your stomach. your chest should stay stationary while your stomach being pushed out forward.
  4. Breathe out through your mouth, pursing your lip as if you were about to whistle. Gently guide the first hand on your stomach inwards
  5. Repeat between 3 and 10 times.

This exercise will help you to exhale carbon dioxide, too much of this could cause muscle tension, and bringing in more oxygen into the blood stream for good blood circulation and increase your mental focus and relieve stress.

Once you master this simple relaxation technique, you may want to increase your breathing resistance to train your lungs to expand its air intake capacity.  You can increase the breathing intensity by going to a high altitude or a much simpler way would be to use a portable one like this one :

This simple portable respiratory tool has 3 level of resistance that help with breathing exercise, to checkout full description Click Here 

Here is an affordable simple yoga mat in case you decided to lay flat on the ground for this exercise.  Pick the color of your choice and buy one for a friend who’s into practicing yoga to relieve stress.

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Another Relaxation technique that works almost immediately is jogging.  In many case studies, people who go jogging on a regular base say they live a happier a more stress-free life than those who do very little physical activity.  One of the many benefits of jogging is that it helps you sweet; this helps your skin to secrete many toxics that you might have stored in the body from eating fast foods or those sugar water drinks like coke and Monster drinks, and also help tone your muscles.  It is also known that running help the body secrete endorphin, the feel good chemical, hormones of the body.  This chemical helps you feel more relax and happy.  You can go jogging at any time of the day, but for some of us we might have work during the day time, so we might have to go jogging at night.  It is important to have some kind of reflectors that will make us more visible for incoming vehicles.

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If you are a dog owner, it would be a great idea to take your dog along for the jog, but holding on to the dog leash while running can be uncomfortable for you as well as the dog , so here is a solution to that problem. 

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Your stress level might be at its highest during the hours at work.  Well don’t worry, there are also fun and friendly ways to relieve the stress; check out these cute kitty squishy toys.  

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Your stress level might be at its highest during the hours at work.  Well don’t worry, there are also fun and friendly ways to relieve the stress; check out these cute kitty squishy toys.   Whenever you feel the stress level rising just push these cute toys belly with your finger, it is almost an instant relieve of stress.  If this is not enough you can carry this chicken key chain with you such squeeze it hard every time you feel stress, this will put a smile on your face. 

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If all odds fail, then you can use this secret arsenal on your co-worker the “whoopee cushion” just make sure your co-workers are playful, I am not liable for your getting discharge at work.

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Now that we know the relaxation techniques through having fun and exercise, here is another simple thing you can do to relieve stress. Drink Lemon water has many benefits.  Here are a few benefits of lemonade:

  1. Boosts your immune system by providing vitamin C help fight cold. Lemon also have high potassium, which increase stimulation in the brain and control blood pressure.
  2. When your body is dehydrated the toxicity level will rise, which is bad for the body, so keeping a hydrate body will help the kidney filter out this toxic and keep the body in check and healthy pH level.
  3. Lemon help enhances your mood. Science has shown that lemon contain more negative charged ions, which bond with positive charged ions from foods providing more energy when foods enter the digestive tract.  The smell of lemon also brightens your mood.
  4. Lemon also help you maintain a more alkaline diet lose weight faster
  5. What is most important that vitamin C is the first things depleted when you subject to stress. Lemonade is full of vitamin C which help prevent this from happening.

Here is a water bottle that is specifically design for making lemonade.

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If drinking lemonade is not your thing, then have some coffee or tea.  They have many benefits for relieve stress.  Here is a unique coffee/tea holder

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I hope this stress relieve management techniques and toys will help you lowering your stress level.  As a bonus, you can use this coupon code: happyday , for discount on all the items mentioned above. 

Wish you the best of luck, and have an AWESOME day

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